From an dearly age Shelley has had a passion for makeup, creating concoctions with her grandmothers expensive cremes in the bathroom to making her own fake tan with an everyday moisturiser mixed with marmite.

That passion never dwindled and Shelley would read every label in all her beauty products, finding out how and where they were made and if the were actually natural or not. 

With being keen and passionate in beauty and the go to for her friends and family, when they are looking for the right advice and help for a night out, Shelley has long dreamed of starting her own natural, organic and vegan based beauty products.

Along with this passion came Shelley's daughter Nikita, who also has a love for makeup but with her sensitive skin is unable to wear a lot of products on the market. Shelley started to make her own lipsticks in her home kitchen with the help of her stepmother Tracey who had breast cancer years earlier, but it returned throughout her body. The two would meet up most weekends to discuss the process of the business with colours, styles and testers. After a trip to Milan, Italy and seeing the high standards, quality ingredients and luxury packaging, it was decided to have the lipsticks made there. Finding a lump in Shelley's own breast during this time didn't slow them down, unfortunately Tracey passed away while the lipsticks were still in the manufacturing phase, never to see the final products.

Shelley and Tracey had a similar style and love of the colour pink, so Lulu Rose Cosmetics comes from Lulu being Shelley's middle name Louise and her daughter Nikita's middle name Rose and a love of pink and style.

Taking inspiration from old Hollywood glamour, Lulu Rose Cosmetics not only look good but feel good and do good for your skin. Bringing out the natural goddess in you.

Nikita Borg &

Shelley Houston

Tracey Houston

1968 - 2018

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