Wow! This is me and this is my blog! I have my own business, my own brand and my own blog!

Yip, I'm pretty damn excited about it all and you can join me on this adventure in following my dreams. Hopefully you can learn some makeup tips and tricks and setting up your own business or share any with me, you have learnt. Now sit back with a glass of French rosé and enjoy!

A little about me...

Well I guess this photo really sums me up, pink, girly, sparkly, French rosé in hand and a Vegan moisturising, bright red Lipstick.

My own brand of lipstick of course

LuluRose Cosmetics.

I was always that girly, girl. Not that I really know where it come from but it's always been there. My mother never really wore makeup, apart from her favourite plum lipstick on a night out. I on the other hand was always into dressing up in my gorgeous handmade Cinderella ballgown (thank you aunty Wendy), delicate little purses, an arm full of plastic bangles and some of those thick, bad smelling, crayon type kids lipsticks. You know the ones from the 80s, brightly coloured... who even wears bright green lipstick?

I always saw myself as a scientist creating experiments and concoctions. My poor grandmother would often find me in her bathroom mixing her expensive face creams, old talcum powder with her denture toothpaste and smearing it all over my face, as some sort of new 'Wonder Cream'.

As I grew up I would make my own lip glosses from good ol Vaseline and the old watery food colouring. The food colouring would seperate from the Vaseline and create little watery beads of colour, that sat on the surface. Never the less, I thought I was so brilliant making my own makeup. Always in pink of course. I would buy all the girly magazines I could, while my friends brought Smash Hits to learn all the lyrics to the latest songs, I brought Girlfriend and Dolly.

About about 9 or 10 years of age, I remember finding my mums fake tan in the bathroom cupboard. You remember the ones, that would stain everything bright orange, they never looked realistic and stank some really bad chemical overload. This one was called Sudden Tan. I never thought I needed a tan at that age (Not like I do now, where does it go when you grow up?) but to me, it had to do with beauty, so I had to try it. And yes everything went bright orange, including the kitchen sink. Although this didn't deter me, I just thought I could make a better version. Being a true blue kiwi kid, I knew Marmite was the answer in wanting to look as dark as I could. So I mixed a couple of teaspoons with my everyday light, watery body moisturiser. I rubbed it all over my legs and washed my hands (after learning from the orange fake tan) and sat upstairs on the couch. I still remember my mother asking what the smell was and wear it was coming from, then as I got off the couch to take a look in the kitchen I saw the 2 dark brown patches on our couch where I had been sitting. Needless to say I didn't try tanning again until some time in my 20s.

I had always wanted to be a model, playing dress ups everyday and getting to try all the new makeup and hair trends. I covered my walls in pictures of Christy Turlington, Cindy Crawford and Nikki Taylor, while studying every Bobbi Brown makeup look I could. I dreamed of being a princess, dripping in gorgeous jewels and the prettiest dresses, while wearing my own bright red Lipstick.

Heres a few moments of me growing up in my princess dream.

Make sure you check back on the next post for phase 2 of my journey

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