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Wardrobe Stylist in Orange Lipstick

Trudi Bennet,


I love my LuluRose lipstick! It feels great on my lips, the colour is stunning & best of all it LASTS! I now plan on adding more colours to my makeup bag because one just isn't enough!

I love this colour & how soft & creamy it is! Also with the Vitamin C which is so good for you!

Vegan Princess in lipstick

I received your wonderful vegan products Thank you so much! Great presentation, packaging, and the quality of the lipsticks is great.

Young makeup artist with red lipstick

Helaina Dene, Makeup Artist

Beautiful! Super nice pinky red lipstick in gorgeous packaging.

The lipstick smells sooo good & the granules dissolve nice & smooth.

Good time with lipstick & friends

I'm absolutely in love with the nude colour - Very well done!!

Inspiration in lipstick

Princess Maja von Hohenzollern

Karin Horen,

Founder, Ambassador, Breast Cancer Survivor 


Public Figure, Business Owner